Chad Johnson invites Johnny Manziel to give him a call

By Jesse Reed
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Former NFL receiver Chad Johnson, now coaching receivers with the Cleveland Browns, invited former Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel to give him a jingle on Sunday.

It’s unclear what the point of the conversation would be, should Manziel decide to call Ochocinco.

However, one might assume it would be Johnson doing what he can to help Manziel get his life back together after what has appeared to be a whirlwind of drama, booze and drugs for the former quarterback the past six months.

The latest news on Manziel comes from Kent Babb of the Washington Post, who divulged quite a bit in a lengthy column, including this:

“Many of Manziel’s friends, even those within the circle, have no idea whether he’ll play football again. Or if he even wants to. If one of them brings up the NFL or Manziel’s playing career, one close friend said, Manziel orders the subject changed.”

Perhaps Johnson wants to help Manziel rediscover his passion for the game.

Many have tried to help Manziel regain himself after watching him walk down a dark road. His own father recently called him a drug addict and said prison might be the safest place for him. He had previously said he feared Manziel would not live to see his 24th birthday.

Perhaps Johnson feels he can finally be the voice of reason where so many others have failed.