CBS Sports chairman throws praise Tony Romo’s way

Tony Romo

Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has found his second calling. He ditched his cleats for a suit and tie and has been hitting home runs from the CBS Sports broadcasting booth.

Impressed so far with Romo, CBS Sports chairman Sean McManus said the former quarterback has “exceeded our expectations.”

“Tony is ahead of schedule,” McManus said, per Barry Jackson of The Miami Herald. “I still think there is a lot of upside there. What I’m pleased with is the chemistry between Jim Nantz and Tony. It’s easy going. It’s listenable.”

McManus’ choice of the word “listenable” really nails it. Romo has been terrific so far in the booth. He also has the uncanny ability to correctly predict play calls just seconds before they actually take place.

On top of that, Romo is animated and his sense of humor is spot on. As long as he is enjoying his new calling, Romo looks to be a fixture at CBS Sports for the long term.

Romo replaced 19-year veteran, lead analyst Phil Simms this past spring.