Carson Wentz starting AO1 foundation to provide services to youth, veterans

Carson Wentz

Following the lead of many other NFL players before him, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz has reportedly launched his own non-profit organization. He’s calling it the Carson Wentz AO1 Foundation.  AO1 stands for “Audience of One.”

As we can see, Wentz’s non-profit will provide a unique blend of services to all ages including military vets and underprivileged youth.

Wentz took to his Twitter account to further discuss his faith-based creation.

His mission statement is to “demonstrate the love of God by providing opportunities and support for the less fortunate and those in need.”

What a heartfelt sentiment, which clearly shows Wentz’s heart to help those who need help.

Those who want to contribute and purchase some really slick looking, Bible-verse designed cleats will want to visit Wentz’s site in the above-referenced link.