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Carson Wentz leaves game after ugly ankle injury

Matt Johnson

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Carson Wentz exited Sunday’s game against the Los Angeles Rams with an ankle injury after it got twisted during a tackle by Aaron Donald.

Trailing 27-24 in the fourth quarter, Wentz was attempting to lead the Colts on a go-ahead drive with less than eight minutes left in the game. After Donald broke through the line, Wentz attempted to scramble away from the pressure to make a play.

Donald got his arms wrapped around Wentz’s waist, bringing him towards the ground as the Colts’ quarterback attempt to avoid a sock by throwing it away. Wentz’s body twisted around and his leg was pinned under Donald’s body, leading to the ankle getting rolled over and twisted around.

While the Colts tied the game with a field goal, their face of the franchise wouldn’t return. Trainers attempted to tape up Wentz’s ankle, trying to find a way to get him back into the game. Unfortunately, the pain was too severe and Wentz made it clear he couldn’t play on the injured ankle.

Making his NFL debut, Jacob Eason took over after the Rams’ game-winning field goal. He was picked off by Jalen Ramsey on his second throw, sealing the game.

The Colts will provide an update on Wentz’s ankle after the game, but he’ll likely need to undergo testing. ALready 0-2, Indianapolis is in significant jeopardy if the ankle injury forces Wentz to miss multiple games.