Carmelo Anthony takes six steps before missing three-pointer

NBA superstars like Carmelo Anthony often get the benefit of the doubt, and travels often go uncalled no matter who the culprit should be. Monday night offered the perfect combination of bad refereeing.

With time winding down on the third quarter against the Miami Heat, Carmelo dribbled the ball up the sideline and decided to hoist a pull-up three-point jumper.

However, after picking up his dribble, the New York Knicks small forward proceeded to take six steps before actually shooting.

Notice the referee running alongside Carmelo? Perhaps he should pay a little more attention to what’s happening 10 feet in front of him.

Anthony missed the triple, though Kevin Seraphin scored a bucket two offensive rebounds later.

Miami ultimately earned a 95-78 victory over New York despite Carmelo’s game-high 21 points.