Cardinals’ Patrick Peterson Claims He Should be Highest Paid Cornerback

Last night, Arizona Cardinals’ cornerback Patrick Peterson became the highest-paid corner in the NFL after he signed a five-year $70 million contract.

Peterson now confidently claims he rightfully should be the highest-paid cornerback in an interview with NFL Media Insider Alex Flanagan (via NFL.com).

I believe that I am playing at a high level. I believe I am the best in the league, so I believe I should be compensated as the best…But it was extremely important to be the highest paid cornerback in the NFL…that was definitely a point of emphasis throughout the negotiations, and as you guys can tell, (the team and his agents) made it happen.

Of course Peterson couldn’t wait to tell his old buddy Richard Sherman about his big, fat paycheck, which must have pushed his buttons just a little. Sherman responded by sporting his Super Bowl bling as a little reminder of his accomplishments. I’m sure this won’t be the end of the friendly spat.

Photo: CBS Sports