Cam Newton: Taylor Hearn fight ‘unfortunate’

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, Carolina Panthers offensive guard Taylor Hearn got knocked out in a fight outside a Georgia bar.

It is obviously never a good thing to see an NFL player, looking very tipsy, scuffling around and throwing punches.

TMZ Sports caught up with quarterback Cam Newton who said “it’s unfortunate” that his teammate got into the fight. Newton didn’t say much else, and keeping pretty mum on the whole ordeal is probably a wise plan.

Hearn surely faces some type of NFL discipline when all is said and done. The video footage does not leave much to the imagination. Hearn was boldly tossing punches only to have a guy much smaller than him land him a TKO.

As for Newton, he is rehabbing his shoulder with the hope that he will be able to throw by the time OTAs take place.