Cam Newton on wearing fox tail: I have the swag to pull it off

Panthers quarterback Cam Newton

After a five-touchdown performance that helped the Carolina Panthers improve to a 10-0 record, quarterback Cam Newton earned the right to wear anything he wanted to the press conference, even a genuine fox tail—at least according to him.

While Newton is known for wearing shoes without socks or questionable women’s capris that the public takes note of, the fox tail was undoubtedly the eyebrow-raising item in this Sunday’s outfit.

In an interview on SportsCenter, Newton explained why he chose the fox tail.

“A lot of people can wear it and a lot of people can’t. I’m fortunate that I have the swag to be able to pull it off.”

Newton’s choice of wardrobe accessory may be offensive to some, and he’s likely not making new friends with PETA. But, Newton gave his explanation while working at a good cause.

On Monday evening, Newton gathered his family and 50-plus volunteers for “Cam’s Thanksgiving Jam,” which served up 900 Thanksgiving dinners to underprivileged families in Charlotte, North Carolina.

We’ll let Newton enjoy his moment of swag.