Cam Newton Calls out ‘Classless’ Panthers Fans

By Rachel Wold

Carolina Panthers’ quarterback Cam Newton led his team to victory against a Cleveland Browns’ team that lost rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel to a hamstring injury in the first half of the game.

He also seemed to take exception of Panthers’ fans who cheered when Manziel departed the field due to the injury.

Speaking up about the inconsiderate fans, Newton had this to say (via

The only thing I can say is it was sad to see the crowd’s response when he was getting hurt, man.

I just think it was classless at that time. Anytime a person is hurt, you don’t celebrate. I’ve had that done in my career. It takes the integrity out of the game.

Manziel definitely isn’t making a very splashy debut in his first two NFL starts, which have both resulted in losses. But to cheer for the guy when he’s in obvious pain is pretty cruel.