Bufffalo Bills suspend Aaron Kromer 6 games without pay

By Jesse Reed

The Buffalo Bills have suspended offensive line coach Aaron Kromer for six games without pay for his involvement in a fight with teenagers in July.

Vic Carucci of The Buffalo News reported the suspension on Sunday night.

Carucci noted that the suspension will begin on September 7 and that Kromer will be able to rejoin the Bills on October 18 for the team’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Kromer avoided a stiffer discipline when charges against him were dropped. He and his son had both been charged with battery charges (they both pled not guilty) after a July 11 incident in which Kromer is alleged to have hit a teenage boy in the face.

The charges were dropped at the behest of the alleged victims’ parents, according to assistant Florida state attorney Bobby Elmore (via ESPN.com):

“The parents of the the two alleged victims and the third minor witness stated that any injuries sustained by the alleged victims were minor and required no medical treatment, and that they desired the lives of their children not to be further disrupted, as an amicable resolution of the matter had been reached between all concerned,” Elmore said in a statement.

Buffalo is doing the right thing disciplining Kromer with such a large and expensive suspension, despite the charges being dropped. Regardless of the what happened in the court of law, it’s unconscionable for a grown man—and a public figure, especially—to act in such a reprehensible way.

Photo Credit: USA Today Sports