Buddy Hield breaks from Kings owner: ‘I’m not Steph Curry’

Sacramento Kings owner Vivek Ranadivé believes that the newly acquired Buddy Hield has potential to emulate Stephen Curry. One man who disagrees is Hield himself.

“People said [I was like] Steph Curry in college,” Hield said, via Grant Hughes of Bleacher Report. “Yeah, I guess, but I gotta develop. Steph Curry, he’s a different animal. He’s in his own world. He does whatever he wants. I can’t do the things Steph Curry does right now. … I’m not Steph Curry.”

That’s a smart move from Hield.

There’s really no benefit in making such a lofty comparison. Curry is a legitimate superstar. He has range that’s never been seen in the NBA before. Hield already has the pressure that comes with being a high draft pick and being traded for a star like DeMarcus Cousins. He doesn’t need the added expectations of the two-time league MVP.

If Hield goes on to be the next Curry, good for him.

The problem for Ranadivé isn’t that he and the Kings won’t get plenty of credit if it does work out well. They will. But they’ll get significantly more blame if it doesn’t, especially if Cousins does well in New Orleans.

Hield is making the right decision in separating himself from those comparisons. Until we’ve seen a little more from him, the comparisons can only bring trouble.