Bryce Harper dominating All-Star voting with over 2.8 million votes

Bryce Harper

Washington Nationals right fielder Bryce Harper is the most popular guy playing in MLB according to All-Star ballots.

Leading all vote-getters, Harper has amassed over 2.8 million votes. This vastly exceeds the tallies of his closest peers, per MLB.com.

“…NL leaders include: second baseman Daniel Murphy of the Nationals (2,365,180); catcher Buster Posey of the Giants (1,890,039); and outfielders Bryce Harper of the Nationals (MLB-high 2,827,330) … Charlie Blackmon of the Rockies (2,259,867)…”

Reigning NL MVP Chicago Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant isn’t far behind Posey, racking up over 1.6 million votes.

Harper is expected to haul in an unfathomable amount of cash in his next big contract. He has backed up his hype in impressive fashion this season, batting .318 with 17 home runs and 51 RBI.

He also is responsible for one of MLB’s most viral moments of the current campaign when he charged the mound after Hunter Strickland threw at him last month.

Already with six seasons under his belt, Harper is on pace to put up prodigious numbers throughout his career. And at the age of 24, he has a chance to become one of MLB’s all-time greats if he continues on his current pace.

And clearly, people love him for more than just his game. Harper’s “Make Baseball Fun Again” campaign, on top of his magnificent hair, have endeared him to fans nationwide, regardless of team loyalty.