Bruce Irvin raises eyebrows with comment after Raiders’ blowout loss

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Oakland Raiders absolutely humiliated themselves across the pond on Sunday, losing to the Seattle Seahaks in London by the score of 27-3.

It was a game that will easily go down as one of the ugliest in recent franchise history. Derek Carr was under pressure throughout, only to leave the game to injury. His body language at that time told us a story of a Raiders team that’s completely lost.

We’re not sure where the one-win Raiders go from here.

What we do know is that pass rusher Bruce Irvin has some plans for after the game. It doesn’t include watching tape or getting some practice reps in. Instead, it includes reps of a different kind.

To be clear, this is a great quote from Irvin. Unfortunately, it’s not going to make the old-school head coach, Jon Gruden, too happy. Irvin himself has made bonehead play after bonehead play this season. He was already seemingly in Gruden’s doghouse. It now seems that issues between the two will extend to well beyond the football field once these Raiders return to the states.

Until then, Irvin is all about that making babies action. No word yet on how his wife feels about that. We’ll report back at a later date. On second thought, we’re okay leaving this right where it is.