Bruce Arians emphatically shoots down retirement rumor

A rumor broke over the weekend that Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians is contemplating retirement after the 2016 season — a rumor he squashed with authority on Monday.

On the surface, the rumor made a bit of sense. After all, Arians has had two health scares since preseason, both of which turned out to be nothing serious. Being that he is a cancer survivor, any health scare is bound to bring about a certain sense of anxiety.

But this is a guy who lives, eats and breathes football. He has also built quite a reputation for being a tough son of a gun, and we didn’t exactly buy the idea that he’d be interested in quitting his career as an NFL head coach when the rumor broke to begin win.

Now, Cardinals fans can breathe easy knowing their coach has no plans of retiring, at least not next season anyway.

There are still four games left in this one, and Arians has quite the job in front of him if his team is to bounce back and somehow make the playoffs. With a record of 5-6-1, the Cardinals are currently the No. 10 seed in the NFC.