Browns Won’t Ask Johnny Manziel to Stay in Cleveland Prior to Training Camp

Courtesy of USA Today Sports

The Cleveland Browns wrapped up their minicamp this week. There is now six weeks of free time until the team’s training camp begins.

Browns Mike Pettine is now indicating that he won’t ask second-year quarterback Johnny Manziel to stay in Cleveland during that six-week period (via

“I’m not going to micromanage our guys.” This break is well deserved and wherever they choose to spend it, that they feel will benefit them the most, then so be it.”

Last year, Manziel took this period of free time to hit the party scene hard. He traveled countrywide, leaving a questionable path of online photos as a diary of his escapades. Pictures of inflatable swans and Manziel rolling up money in a bathroom still haunt us to this day.

However, the Browns do not anticipate such antics out of Manziel this summer. The quarterback spent 10 weeks in rehab at the beginning of the year in attempt to break his old habits. It would be a shame if he backslid.

Pettine also commented on Manziel’s rookie summer:

“I can’t lie and say I miss that.” It was a good learning experience for us as a team, as an organization but that’s a chapter in a book that’s closed for us. We’re onto 2015 and we have goals we want to accomplish.”

It is reported that Manziel knows he is not there to compete against Josh McCown for the starting job. This runs contrary to last year when the Browns had Manziel squaring off for the starting job during the summer.

With that said, the Browns still expect to see more improvement from Manziel during training camp.

Manziel probably knows his travels and actions will be tracked during the upcoming weeks. Hopefully we will see the “Johnny Be Good” version of the young quarterback in the upcoming weeks.

Photo: USA Today Sports