Browns star Myles Garrett invites fans to dog park for puppy play date

By Jesse Reed
Image by Ilona Krijgsman from Pixabay

Myles Garrett has opened himself up to what might end up being a cuteness overload this coming Wednesday, as he invited fans to bring their puppies to a local dog park for a play date.

Garrett did caution fans, with a minor threat “I will snap you in half” not to bring dogs who aren’t up do date on their vaccinations to the event.

The Cleveland Browns superstar defensive end recently acquired Gohan Benjamin Garrett, who is absolutely adorable.

A nightmare on the field for the Browns, it appears Garrett is a big teddy bear off it.

So, if you’re in the Kirtland region of Ohio on Wednesday and have a puppy that needs to play, hit Garrett and Gohan up at the Canine Meadow dog park.