Browns so impressed with Robert Griffin III, they passed up on top pick

Apparently Hue Jackson and the Cleveland Browns were so enamored with newly signed quarterback Robert Griffin III, that they gave up on attempting to move to No. 1 to land California’s Jared Goff.

Originally, the Browns had the No. 2 pick in this year’s draft. Instead of aggressively trying to secure the first pick, which originally belonged to the Tennessee Titans, they opted to trade down with the Philadelphia Eagles.

This was after the Titans elected to trade their No. 1 to the Los Angeles Rams.

With Goff on the Rams’ radar and the team in possession of the first pick, it was not likely that they were going to trade that selection. After all, the team was said to always be targeting Goff in that trade up.

Seemingly satisfied with taking a chance on the Former Redskins quarterback, the Browns passed up on other quarterbacks in the first round.

It will be up to Griffin to prove the Browns’ decision-makers wise here. He comes to Cleveland after falling out of favor in Washington, a tenure that culminated in him being benched for the entire 2015 campaign.

Hopefully for Griffin’s sake, his injuries are a thing of the past as well. Should anything happen to the former Heisman winner, Cleveland would then have to turn to veteran Josh McCown or rookie mid-round pick Cody Kessler.