Browns Respond to DeVante Parker’s Mother

In a piece of drama that should have stopped with the Cleveland Browns ignoring the situation, the team decided it made sense to respond to comments made by the mother of new Miami Dolphins wide receiver DeVante Parker.

The back story goes a little something like this.

After her son was selected by Miami, Raneca Parker had some rather interesting comments.

We didn’t want him going to Cleveland. They don’t have a team, really, or a quarterback. I knew I didn’t want the Cleveland Browns.

That seems a bit harsh, but it’s not like the Browns organization has a positive reputation around the football world.

In any event, Cleveland figured it made sense to respond to her comments. In leaking the following information to May Kay Cabot of Cleveland.com, someone within the Browns organization threw gas into what was a small brush fire.

They passed on him for a reason at No. 12 overall: they felt he wasn’t tough enough and didn’t love the game enough.

There was absolutely no indication in the lead up to the draft that Parker didn’t love the game. To throw that out there seemingly in response to his mother’s comments is bush league. It’s also not a good look for an organization that needs to actually start gaining a better reputation around the football world.

Photo: USA Today Sports