Browns’ Joe Haden Opening Sneaker Store, to Debut on “Black Friday”

There is something off about men who possess more sneakers than their female counterparts. Well, apparently this is the case with Cleveland Browns cornerback Joe Haden…literally.

He bought his owner sneaker store that will open on Black Friday.

The name of Haden’s sneaker shop has been named “The Restock.” According to Haden’s business partner, David Damier, the shop is a consignment store which will feature rare sneaker finds that are no longer available in regular store. Not known yet is whether Haden will be selling any of his own extensive collection which includes rare Air Jordan VIIs and South Beach LeBrons.

So, if you’re in the Cleveland area and looking for a little “Black Friday” shopping action, check out Haden’s store for that sneaker buff in your family.

Photo: TMZ.com