Browns fans have mixed reactions about Sam Darnold to Cleveland hype

By Jesse Reed

The Cleveland Browns need a quarterback, and there is a strong consensus building that USC product Sam Darnold will end up being the guy they choose No. 1 overall in the upcoming draft. In fact, after Darnold’s pro day Wednesday, a report emerged that Darnold is “a lock” there at the top for the Browns — a notion that’s not being embraced by some Browns fans.

Feeding the hype, Cleveland’s brass had dinner with Darnold recently, and the team sent all the big wigs to watch him throw in the rain Wednesday. On top of that, the Browns’ Twitter account posted the following message, not bothering to hide the excitement about his performance.

Well, the long-suffering fans in Cleveland had some very mixed reactions to all this.

Some were all-in on the idea of Darnold becoming the team’s franchise quarterback.

Others were…shall we say, not so hot about this?

Needless to say, if the Browns do in fact draft Darnold, there’s going to be some Browns fans who are exceedingly happy about it, and a group of fans that will begin preparations for another long stretch of despair.