Browns CB Damarious Randall makes NBA Finals promise he won’t be able to keep

The entire city of Cleveland is excited about the Cavaliers making it to the NBA Finals for the fourth year in a row, but one man — Cleveland Browns cornerback Damarious Randall — might have gone a bit overboard with a promise he made on Twitter.

After the Golden State Warriors beat the Houston Rockets in Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals to set up a fourth-consecutive Cavs vs. Warriors NBA Finals, Randall tweeted this:

Now, that’s mighty generous of him. But at this point, he might have made a promise he cannot keep barring a monumental discount wherever he buys his jerseys from. Because, at the time of this writing, Randall has had this message retweeted 227,597 times, and that number continues to rise.

Let’s say, just for the sake of argument, that Randall gets a tremendous deal on a bulk order of Cavaliers jerseys. Let’s say that he pays $50 for each jersey (replica jerseys are selling for $74.99 on the NBA store right now). That means Randall would be out of pocket $11,397,850.000.

Yep. That’s over $11 million.

For the record, this former first-round pick signed a rookie contract worth $7.9 million back in 2015. So unless he’s done quite well with his investments, he’s screwed if the Cavaliers actually do win this thing.