Broncos’ Wes Welker and His Wife Confused over His Concussions

By Rachel Wold

Denver Broncos’ wide receiver Wes Welker has suffered through three concussions in his two seasons as a member of the team. Apparently a little forgetful at times, Welker weighed in on his concussions.

Sometimes Welker forgets things such as where he puts his keys, which has led to some amusing discussions between the former Pro Bowler and his wife (via

My wife will be like how can you not remember that? Is it the concussions? I’m like No, babe, I just forgot!

Welker shared a time a couple of months ago that they went out with another couple to dinner and his friends asked how old he was.

I’m 33, and Anna shot him a horrified glance. Wes, what are you talking about?

She was adamant. I’m sitting here looking at her like she’s crazy. Then I start to think: ‘Jeez, did I forget how old I am?’

After adding up the years knowing he was born in May 1, 1981, Welker ended up being right and his wife was wrong.

We laughed. But I’m like Babe, I’m the one with the concussions here!



The Welkers certainly sound like they provide entertaining dinner conversation. And for being so young, they both seem a little dingy and confused.

Despite the concussions and how much others encourage Welker to save what is left of his scrambled brain, he seems adamant about playing in 2015, which will be his 11th year in the NFL.

Photo: Fansided