Broncos’ Shane Ray got tattoo featuring Chiefs logo

By Jesse Reed

Shane Ray has a magnificent piece of art on his back. It’s a phenomenal mural in tattoo form of Kansas City, which is near and dear to his heart as his home town.

The only problem? As part of the greater picture, he included the Kansas City Chiefs logo, which might earn him some rather amusing brotherly love from his Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos teammates.

As you might know, the Chiefs and Broncos share one of the more heated rivalries in the entire NFL.

Ray shared a picture of the entire tattoo, which I think we can all agree is tremendous, on his Instagram account.

A photo posted by stingray56 (@stingray56) on

Underneath the picture, Ray included this message, which says a lot about how he feels about the tattoo:

“Shout out to @kattatgirl for killing my back piece. She took the idea I had for my city and finessed lol Everyone knows how I feel about being from Kansas City Mo and that’s real pride. As always I represent “The Town” for everyone that is salty because I take pride in the city that made me who I am today, you weren’t with me then and I won’t bother me if your not there now?? #56nightscrazy#Kc #5️⃣⬆️ #KatTat

While he might receive some good-natured ribbing from his Broncos teammates, no doubt they’ll respect him for staying true to his roots.

Both Ray and his father, Wendell Ray, played for the University of Missouri, further strengthening his bond to the state of his birth.