Broncos’ CB Claims It’s Super Bowl or Bust This Year

The Denver Broncos arrived at MetLife with high expectations, but royally failed in Super Bowl XLVIII, losing to the Seattle Seahawks by one of the biggest margins ever

Cornerback Chris Harris Jr., who is recovering from a torn ACL he suffered during the divisional playoffs, had this to say regarding the expectations for the Broncos’ 2014 season (via ESPN).

Guys know what’s at stake this year, at least they should — it’s Super Bowl or bust for us. It means a lot for this team for all of us to come back and hit the ground running fast. Especially the young guys, if they weren’t paying attention at OTAs and minicamp, but to make this Broncos team this year, these cats on defense better be working out because Peyton Manning will make you look crazy.

Harris’ comments boil down to the fact that Manning, at 38 years old, doesn’t have too many years left in his career. Obviously, the team has to take advantage of his awesome skills while they have him. And while Manning, with his record-breaking 5,477 passing yards and 55 passing touchdowns is still in the picture, the Broncos have a legitimate shot at the Super Bowl.

In other words, jump on Manning’s coattails while you have a chance, because we never know who will be next in line post the Manning era.

Regarding Harris’ recovery process, he shared this comment.

I’m doing everything, there’s really nothing I can’t do right now. I still have to go see Dr. Andrews at the end of the month and get checked up, and he’ll pretty much let us know the plan from there.


Photo: Denver Post