Broken window at Vikings’ U.S. Bank Stadium to take up to two months to replace

By Rachel Wold

The new Minnesota Vikings U.S. Bank Stadium just suffered a a setback in its progress.

According to a report by Rochelle Olson of the Star Tribune, camera footage caught a person throwing a rock at a ground level window, shattering it to pieces. Per Olson, the window could take an astounding six-to-eight weeks to repair because the glass has to be custom made.

The culprit, caught on camera, apparently found the large stones laying right in front of the window

The broken window was located in the Hyundai Club area and was intact prior to a media tour that took place on Tuesday.

Per the report, the broken window can be seen from passengers on the light-rail transit cars that pass by the north side of the building.

The window incident is unfortunate considering there will be a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Friday when hundreds will gather to celebrate the new $1.2 billion stadium. Furthermore, an estimated 100,000 people will be in attendance at an open house on Saturday.

Keeping the details about the person that broke the window confidential, a spokeswoman for the Minnesota Sports Facilities had this Captain Obvious statement to make.

“We have a broken window.”

For those who cannot attend the open house personally and want a sneak peek of the new U.S. Stadium, here is a 360 video tour.