A’s brilliantly troll Mariners on social media

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

While the Oakland Athletics and Seattle Mariners share a division, they haven’t had much of a rivalry since the early 2000’s.

But thanks to a hilarious but testy Twitter exchange, that may be changing.

It all started innocently enough. Seattle revealed a commercial to honor longtime ace, Felix Hernandez.

The A’s responded, reminding the Mariners of their championship history, or lack thereof.

Ouch. That hardly seems nice. But when you put out an ad that features a ring, you kind of open yourself up for criticism, right?

Round 1 goes to Oakland.

Down, but not out, Seattle responded.

Again, the Athletics had the championship card at the ready.

This round would seem to be an easy victory for Oakland. But re-hashing an old argument is a little stale. Besides, the A’s actually shortchanged themselves. Going back to their Philadelphia days, the franchise has nine World Series wins, trailing only the New York Yankees and St. Louis Cardinals.

Still, while Oakland wasn’t brilliant, it still won Round 2. Did Seattle have anything left in the tank? In fact, they did.

This is a solid jab back.

One, it reminds the A’s (or at least the person running the Twitter feed) that while Oakland’s history is glorious, it’s been a while since the Athletics have won a championship. Heck, those three 1970’s championships came before the Mariners were even a franchise. Two, “the years start coming and they don’t stop coming” is a solid Smash Mouth reference, poking fun at the A’s history with the Bay Area band.

Speaking of Smash Mouth, they were a bit taken back by it all.

Not surprisingly, Oakland had another response.

This one falls flat. But we can’t really blame the A’s. They had won the first two rounds relatively easily. With that, they had to be thinking that the third round would be an easy win, too. The Mariners just hadn’t brought their A-game. But Seattle finished with a flurry. As such, the M’s win Round 3.

On the whole, Oakland scores a narrow victory. Still, we have to credit Seattle for not giving up on the fight and finishing strong.

Either way, it should be fun when these two square off in 2016. The Mariners would seem to agree.

The two teams will have to wait until a four-game series from April 20-23 in Oakland to get their hands on each other. The A’s will first go into the Pacific Northwest for a three-game series for a three-game series from May 15-17.