Brett Favre visits Clemson, plays catch with Dabo Swinney

Dabo Swinney played wide receiver for Alabama, but he had a unique opportunity to play catch with Brett Favre when the Hall of Famer visited Clemson.

An invited guest, Favre headed to practice to speak to the team. Plus, per Matt Connolly of The State, the NFL legend replaced a manager on the other end of Swinney’s traditional practice warm-up tosses.

And the old man apparently still has a cannon.

“That was a little different velocity coming at me,” Swinney said, “but I was 100 percent (catching) so that was a good deal for me.”

The legend’s presence should’ve been impactful for every Clemson player, since a good number of them have dreams of playing in the NFL. Favre suited up for 20 years and set numerous records. He’s a great example to follow.

Plus, Favre’s speech was probably especially memorable for Trevor Lawrence, the No. 1 recruit of the 2018 class. Kelly Bryant is currently the starter, but Lawrence is considered the quarterback of the future and a pro-caliber talent.

As for Swinney, he might need to ice his hands for a night or two.