Brett Favre unites dogs with veterans through new charity

Brett Favre

For many sports fans, there are few things they love in this world more than sports. Of course, one of those things is dogs. Now the two are brought together and it’s all being done to help military veterans.

According to TMZ, Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre has started an organization called “4 Outdoors”. While the original plan called to help those in need through trips outdoors, Favre has found a special connection uniting military veterans with service dogs.

“We’re connecting them with these dogs and it’s saving their lives,” Favre said, via TMZ. “It’s really incredible.”

It’s great to see the former Green Bay Packers quarterback now using his time to help those in need. For him to find a way to make such a positive impact on these veterans through dogs is even more incredible.

You can watch Favre unite a black Labrador with a Navy veteran right here.