Brandon Browner: That’s not Darrelle Revis’ voice on tape

Darrelle Revis is being charged with some very serious crimes, but a video surfaced recently showing the two alleged victims he’s accused of assaulting that could potentially help his cause, rather than hurt it.

In the video, the two alleged victims are laid out on the ground and a man’s voice can be heard saying, “Hey, I knocked both of these mother f—— out, both of them,” he says in the eight-second clip. “They both asleep. Shut up before I knock your a– out next.”

The New York Jets have said they don’t believe Revis is the one who hit the two men, and he also has some support from former teammate Brandon Browner.

Speaking with TMZ Sports, Browner, a teammate of Revis’ during their tenures with the New England Patriots, said, “I know for a fact that voice that I heard is not Darrelle Revis.”

He also said Jets receiver Brandon Marshall feels the same way.

Pittsburgh Police have charged Revis, but his lawyer has emphatically said the Jets cornerback did nothing incriminating the night of the incident in question. Instead, he’s said from the beginning of this ordeal that Revis was the victim, rather than the aggressor.