Bon Jovi: Getting Over Depression After Losing Bid to Buy the Bills

Rocker Jon Bon Jovi may not have ever been a serious contender to purchase the Buffalo Bills, but in a recent interview he indicated that there was a certain level of depression that came with losing out on the bid (via Showbiz411.com).

Bon Jovi told me he’s getting over a serious depression after losing his bid (with partners) to buy the Buffalo Bills football team. “I devoted two years to that project,” he said with a shrug of shoulders. “But I’m coming out of it now.”

Bon Jovi lost out to current Bills owner Terry Pegula, who bid $1.4 billion on the team. One of the major issues with Bon Jovi’s candidacy to own the Western New York team was that the group he headlined wouldn’t guarantee that the franchise would stay in Buffalo.

Somehow, I envision Bon Jovi will be just fine. With a total net worth of $300 million and a ton of projects in the private sector, he’s not going to be out in the cold for too long.

First world problems, aye?