Bob Stoops to make $325K per year in new gig at Oklahoma

By Jesse Reed

Bob Stoops isn’t completely finished with Oklahoma. After retiring as the head football coach, he’s still going to be employed by the school in a lesser capacity.

According to Brooke Pryor of the Oklahoman, Stoops is also going to be earning quite a nice salary. As Special Assistant to the Vice President for Intercollegiate Athletics Programs, Stoops will be bringing home $325,000 per year.

That’s what we call a retirement present.

As Pryor noted, what that really means is that Stoops is going to be a program consultant.

This does a couple of things. First and foremost, it allows the school to retain the clout Stoops provides as a legendary coach with a national championship and 10 Big 12 titles under his belt. He’ll no doubt help to continue generating funds for the school’s football program as well.

Secondly, it allows the university to reward Stoops for his nearly two decades of excellent work as the face of the Sooners’ football program.

All in all, it’s pretty much a win-win for all involved.