Blue Jays traded for Brandon Drury not knowing he had fractured hand

When the Toronto Blue Jays acquired Brandon Drury, they knew he was hurt. But as it turns out, they didn’t know how badly he was hurt.

Drury was part of the package that the New York Yankees sent to Toronto in exchange for J.A. Happ. When the trade happened, it was believed that Drury had a bruised hand. In fact, the injury was worse.

This is the kind of thing that could potentially be a problem. Fortunately here, Toronto’s standing makes this a bit easier to swallow.

The Blue Jays are not in the playoff hunt. Drury — even if healthy — would make much more of a long-term impact. So, Toronto can bring him along slowly to ensure that nothing is done to make the injury more serious.

Even still, it’s hard to believe that his injured hand wasn’t looked into more before the deal was made.