Blazers star has downright ridiculous take on Kevin Durant

By Vincent Frank

Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant is coming of one of the best Finals performances in Association history.

With his team leading the best-of-seven series against the Cleveland Cavaliers 2-0, Durant tallied 43 points, 13 rebounds and seven assists in pretty much ending the series Wednesday evening in Cleveland.

As ridiculous as it might seem, this hasn’t stopped petty from taking over an NBA world that has been all about petty in recent years. That now includes Portland Trail Blazers guard C.J. McCollum, who had a ridiculous take on Durant and the Warriors.

More specifically, McCollum focuses on Durant’s relationship with Warriors fans as he is on the verge of leading the Northern California franchise to a second consecutive title.

McCollum might want to step out of Twitter and back into the real world here soon. Warriors fans immediately embraced Durant after he signed with the team two summers ago. There has not been a love, hate relationship between the two sides. To suggest this is downright ignorant.

It goes without saying that fans in Oakland and around the Bay Area have more of a long-term relationship with homegrown talents such as Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green.

But Durant never wanted to take over the mantle Curry previously held as the face of the franchise. He wanted to join a growing team and turn it into a dynasty. The Warriors are now on the verge of that.

For as long as Durant plays, he’ll continue to be thrown to the wolves by some for signing with the Warriors. That’s known. It’s also well known that this was the best decision of the former MVP’s career, both from an on-court and off-court standpoint.

It’s now time to put to rest any discussion regarding Durant’s free agent decision from back in 2016. After all, he’s on the verge of becoming a back-to-back champion and two-time NBA Finals MVP. That’s rarified are.