Blake Snell to be drug tested two days after winning Cy Young

The randomness of drug testing in sports can sometimes provide hilarious moments of timing. That’s just the case for Tampa Bay Rays starting pitcher Blake Snell, who is apparently going to be drug tested two days after winning the American League’s Cy Young award.

Snell revealed on Twitter that he had just been informed MLB will be conducting a random drug test on him on Friday. The timing of which he found particularly hilarious and not so random.

The 25-year-old took home the award after he received 17 of 30 first-place votes. He finished the 2018 season with a 1.89 ERA, 221 strikeouts and 21 wins across 31 starts for Tampa Bay.

Snell had plenty of reason to celebrate his huge accomplishment on Wednesday night. Hopefully, the Seattle native will have another reason to celebrate if he passes Friday’s random drug test.