Blake Bortles Believes He Can be a $100 Million Quarterback

By Rachel Wold

If recent contracts for NFL quarterback are any indication, $100 million seems to be the target price that the players are striving for these days.

Jacksonville Jaguars’ second-year quarterback Blake Bortles believes he too can ink a $100 million deal in the future, according to Vito Stellino of The Florida Times-Union:

“$100 million is always exciting. Those guys all earn it. They’re great quarterbacks and they get paid what they deserve. … That’s the goal. I try and get better each and every day and why not make a career out of this, not a job? I want to be here long term and do as much as I can to make this team better and have a blast doing it.”

This is quite the ambitious goal for Bortles, who completed 58.9 percent of his passes and tossed 17 interceptions compared to 11 touchdowns in his rookie campaign. The Jaguars walked away with only three wins last season.

Bortles, who has dollar signs in his eyes, is surely thinking if Cam Newton signed a $103 million extension, then why not him—after a few more seasons? This all appears simple to Bortles.

However, we must look in the direction of Seattle Seahawks’ quarterback Russell Wilson. The dual-threat talent is in the middle of his contract negotiations. Wilson has three consecutive playoff runs, two Super Bowl appearances and one championship to his name, yet he’s running up against a wall in an attempt to nail a nine-figure deal.

Obviously, $100 million comes easier for some quarterback than others.

Bortles is going to have to make some major improvements in his decision-making and help lead the team to more wins in order to have any chance at such a lofty salary once his rookie contract nears expiration.

But, hey at least Bortles has set his aspirations high and plans to have fun along the way, which is the perfect attitude to have while performing in such a high-pressure role.

Photo: Getty Images