Bills’ WR Mike Williams Claims He’s Back to His Old Self

Wide receiver Mike Williams doesn’t even hold a guaranteed roster slot as he enters into training camp with his new Buffalo Bills team. However, he completed his conditioning exercises without any trouble and indicates that his has fully recovered from a torn hamstring he endured in 2013 while playing with Tampa Bay.


Kept out of earlier offseason training while still healing from the hamstring injury, Williams had this to report to the Buffalo News on his condition (via NFL.com).

I’m fully ready to go. I trained this whole offseason. There was really no offseason for me. I kinda had to get my leg better. I had to get back to feeling like Mike again, like my mom always tells me. Today running that conditioning test made me feel like I was Mike again.

At the start of camp, just did the conditioning test and I feel real good,” he added. I feel great. I feel I got an A-plus, if there was a grade for it. I feel I’m ready to go.

Okay. I’m glad Williams cleared this up. Because when Williams says he feels like his old self, I was worried he meant the partying guy who wasn’t too handy in the kitchen, supposedly leaving pans on the stove to set kitchen fires. That was definitely not exactly an example of his A-plus work.


Now, that we’re all on the same page, Williams will have to keep up the good work on the field, and stay out of trouble off the field, in order to compete with fellow wide receiver Robert Woods and the teams’ star rookie Sammy Watkins to confirm a roster spot for 2014.

Photo: USA Today