Bills seeking snow shovelers, paying $10 an hour plus free ticket for Sunday’s game

By Jesse Reed

As the state of New York, along with much of the United States, is enveloped in a blanket of snow, the Buffalo Bills are trying to get their stadium ready for Sunday’s game against the Cleveland Browns on Sunday.

It’s not an easy prospect, as you can see, and the team is willing to pay folks for a four-hour shift.

In addition to the money they can earn, anyone interested in watching two bad teams play a meaningless game can also get free tickets.

Perhaps there would be more interest if free beer was being offered, but that’s just one man talking.

It is going to be miserable work, especially because the forecast is calling for a mixture of rain and snow. If you’re going to take the Bills up on their offer, please do make sure you have the proper clothing and boots to stay dry and warm.