Bills fans start GoFundMe to help Nathan Peterman retire

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Buffalo Bills quarterback Nathan Peterman has been historically bad since the team selected him in the fifth round of the 2017 NFL Draft. How bad?

Well, he’s now thrown three touchdowns compared to 12 inteceptions in 130 regular season pass attempts. Coming off a three interception performance in a blowout loss to the Bears last week, there’s a good chance Peterman will soon be riding the pine once again.

Apparently that’s not enough for fans in Western New York, who have now started a GoFundMe to help fund Peterman’s retirement. You read that right. Bills fans want the struggling quarterback to end his career and are looking to raise a cool $1 million in cold hard cash.

“Nathan Peterman, we understand your passion to play football and especially in the NFL,” the page read. “But please for the love of God retire and leave and never come back.  WE WILL GIVE YOU MONEY, JUST LEAVE!”

As of noon eastern on Tuesday, only $80 had been raised. But it’s the names those who have contributed decided to use that makes this all sorts of incredible.

The “San Diego Chargers” donated $5.00. Meanwhile, “Mrs. Peterman” donated $5.00 herself, “Jim Kelly” contributed a cool $10.00 and Bills head coach “Sean McDermott” gave $5.00 of his own.

Great job, Bills fans. You made our day. No word yet on whether Peterman will retire should this GoFundMe reach its $1 million goal.