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Bills fan gets Andy Dalton tattoo, raises money for charity

Andy Dalton
Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

As we know, many a Buffalo Bills fan is eternally grateful to Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton for his last-minute touchdown in Week 17 to beat the Baltimore Ravens. The touchdown, combined with Buffalo’s win in Miami, propelled the Bills to the playoffs for the first time since 1999.

Since then, Bills fans have poured money into Dalton’s charity (over $170,000).

Additionally, at least one showed up for the Wildcard Game against Jacksonville with an Andy Dalton Bills jersey, and now we know at least one fan got an Andy Dalton tattoo. Not only that, but this person raised money to get the tattoo, then donated the remaining proceeds to Dalton’s charity after paying for it.

That’s a really cool depiction of Dalton, though the actual artwork leaves a little to be desired and the location is not one this scribe would have chosen.

Here’s another tattoo a Bills fan got that fits the Bills Mafia YOLO spirit a bit more.

It’s pretty cool that Bills Mafia has embraced Dalton so thoroughly. After spending his career in Cincinnati, and given his own postseason woes, Lord knows he could use the encouragement.