Bills had 10 defenders on field during Jay Ajayi 57-yard run in OT

As if any further proof  was needed that the Rex Ryan era is over in Buffalo, we present to you a a glaring mistake during the Bills’ overtime loss to Miami Saturday.

That’s simply inexcusable. It is something that coaches should have caught on the sideline, and it is one more illustration that shows how undisciplined the Bills have been in the Ryan era.

What makes it worse still is that defense is Ryan’s specialty. Yet his defense has been putrid in late-game situations the past month against good teams, crumbling when the stakes were highest.

Additionally, Buffalo absolutely had to win Saturday to remain in playoff contention, yet the Bills folded up like a lawnchair in overtime defensively, allowing Ajayi to rush for 87 yards, including 75 in the game-winning possession.

All this points to a swift exit for Ryan, either this week or next. The team owner has reportedly been against firing Ryan in the season, but perhaps he might be inclined to change that point of view in light of this latest faux pas.