Bill Parcells on Tony Romo: ‘I was glad he retired’

Tony Romo has no plans to file his retirement paperwork

Bill Parcells helped Tony Romo go from undrafted rookie free agent to the face of America’s Team. He was the head coach and chief decision maker for the Dallas Cowboys when they signed Romo off the street following the 2003 NFL Draft.

Having a personal relationship with the now retired former Cowboys quarterback, Parcells likely looked at Romo’s decision to walk away from football in a different light than most “experts.”

In talking about Romo’s retirement, Parcells really didn’t mince words. Simply put, he’s happy that his former quarterback called it a career.

“I was glad he retired,” Parcells told the NY Daily News. “Enough is enough. You got to know, this is hazardous to your health.”

Lost in all the talk about Romo’s retirement and ultimate decision to join the CBS broadcast team is the fact that he has a young family and a wife. Romo had gone through two injury-plagued seasons before ultimately calling it quits. It would make sense that those close to him might be happy he decided enough was enough.

Parcells coached the Cowboys during Romo’s first four seasons in the NFL. He was the individual that made the decision to move on from an injured Drew Bledsoe and give the former Eastern Illinois standout the keys to the kingdom.

His opinion surely does matter here.