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Bill O’Brien won’t commit to Texans starting QB for Week 2

Vincent Frank
Tom Savage

The Houston Texans benched Tom Savage in favor of rookie quarterback Deshaun Watson after the team put up an absolutely brutal first-half performance against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday.

In fact, Houston netted a total of 36 yards midway through the second quarter in what would ultimately lead to a surprising 29-7 loss to the Jaguars.

The day after this epic implosion in front of an unhappy Texans fan base, head coach Bill O’Brien is still not ready to name Watson the starter for Week 2.

In his first possession to start the third quarter, Watson led the Texans on a long drive that culminated in this touchdown pass to DeAndre Hopkins (watch here).

Though, it must be noted that this happened after a Watson interception was called back following a personal foul penalty against the Jaguars. The rookie was then shutout the rest of the way.

Unfortunately, O’Brien is right in that there is no easy decision here. Is Watson ready to help lead the team to another AFC South title? Can Savage prove himself to be anywhere near a starter-caliber quarterback?

For a team that’s loaded pretty much everywhere else, the quarterback situation continues to remain unsettled. That’s more than just unfortunate. It’s a crying shame for the rest of the team.