Bill Buckner’s 1986 World Series glove up for auction

By Jesse Reed

One of the most recognizable plays in MLB history is Bill Buckner’s error in Game 6 of the 1986 World Series against the New York Mets.

The Boston Red Sox first baseman allowed a ground ball off the bat of Mookie Blaylock to go in between his legs, which in turn allowed the Mets to win Game 6 when Ray Knight scored from second base.

Then, of course, the Mets went on to win Game 7 as well, crushing the Rex Sox and their fans, who were still in the midst of a decades-long championship drought.

Thirty years later, Buckner’s 1986 World Series-worn glove (signed by him) and cleats are going up for auction, and they’re expected to cost a pretty penny.

According to Darren Rovell of ESPN, the two items, worn by Buckner on the night of his infamous error, are being auctioned off by Goldin Auctions.

“This is one of the most famous gloves in baseball history,” said Goldin Auctions president Ken Goldin. “The only one I could think of that would be more famous is the glove that Willie Mays wore for his famous catch at the Polo Grounds, and that has never surfaced.”

The auction begins on Monday and will run through October 29, per Rovell, with a minimum bid being $25,000.

The ball that rolled through Buckner’s legs went for $$418,250 in 2012. Goldin believes his items could sell for “six times more” than the ball did.

So, if you have a few million lying around, you could own two of the most famous MLB memorabilia items in history.