Bill Belichick Says Jimmy Garoppolo Acts and Works Out Like a Linebacker

Courtesy of USA Today Images

It was nearly a year ago when the New England Patriots selected quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo in the second round of the 2014 NFL Draft.

The Eastern Illinois product is in line to eventually replace star quarterback Tom Brady, but Garoppolo is preparing as if that day is coming sooner rather than later. Christopher Price of notes Garoppolo’s personal coach Jeff Christensen asked New England coach Bill Belichick about the 23-year-old’s progress with the team.

“He said (Jimmy) looks like a linebacker. He works out like a linebacker. He acts like a linebacker. I really like him a lot, coach. You did a great job with him. Thank you.”

Content with their investment in Garoppolo and his projected future value, the Patriots shipped Ryan Mallett, Brady’s former backup, to the Houston Texans. During Garoppolo’s rookie campaign, he had the chance to play in six games, where he completed 19 of 27 passing attempts, totaling 182 yards and one touchdown.

With the franchise solid under their veteran Brady, all Garoppolo can do is work out in linebacker fashion and continue to impress bystanders.

Of course, Garoppolo should treasure Belichick’s compliment since those don’t just flow out of his mouth on a daily basis.

Photo: USA Today Images