Bill Belichick compares Blake Bortles to Deshaun Watson, Cam Newton

Dan Powers-USA TODAY Sports

NFL coaches often share praise for upcoming opponents, but Bill Belichick might be giving Blake Bortles’ mobility too much credit.

As the New England Patriots prepare for a Week 2 clash with the Jacksonville Jaguars, Belichick said he puts Bortles’ athleticism in the same category as Deshaun Watson and Cam Newton, per Ben Volin of the Boston Globe.

That sure is something!

Yes, Bortles has established himself as a decent runner. He’s recorded four straight seasons with 300-plus rushing yards, topping out at 419 as a rookie.

But to group him with Newton — who has six 4,378 yards and 55 touchdowns on the ground in his career — and Watson is a little much. The latter had 1,934 rushing yards in college and picked up 269 in only seven appearances as a rookie.

Physically, Bortles is similar to Newton. But that’s about where the comparison ends.

Troll on, Bill.