Bill Belicheck: Tom Brady ‘can’t run’ and ‘can’t dodge’

New England Patriots future Hall of Famer head coach Bill Belichick can be tight-lipped and poker-faced when it pertains to his opinions on many topics.

Though, an avid fan of Lacrosse, having played the sport at Philips Andover Academy and Wesleyan University, Belichick opened up during an interview with Lacrosse Magazine about how much the sport means to him and his family.

He also didn’t stop short when it came to throwing his quarterback Tom Brady under the bus when asked if Brady had the athletic ability to play Lacrosse.

“Put him in at the goal. He can’t run. I mean, he can’t run. He can’t dodge.”

For anybody who has watched Brady make a rushing play in football, he looks dreadfully awkward on foot.

Teammate and wide receiver Julian Edelman compared Brady’s running skills to those of a Clydesdale. which is a term that has gone viral throughout social media to describe the run-challenged quarterback.

Reportedly, Brady’s time on his 40-yard dash during his NFL Combine tryout was 5.28 seconds.

This would pretty much lock Brady in as goalie if Belichick designated his players positions on a Lacrosse team. Per Belichick’s interview, he indicated that Edelman would pass as a decent midfielder.

Realistically speaking, Brady should stick to what he does best which is ridding himself of the ball. Though, there are those few games throughout the year when he finds no choice other than to hoof it when he cannot find an open receiver.

Surprisingly enough, Brady rushed in three touchdowns last season, tying him for the fifth-most in the league. What do you know?