Best social and news media reactions to Tom Brady’s appeal ruling

By Rachel Wold

This is it.

The ruling we have all been waiting weeks for since New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady appealed the NFL-mandated four-game suspension he received for his alleged role in the “Deflategate” scandal.

Commissioner Roger Goodell ruled against Brady and upheld his four-game suspension after news broke that Brady allegedly destroyed his own cellphone soon after the “Deflategate” investigation started taking place.

The matter is far from over, as Brady and his attorneys will likely take his case to the federal courts.

However, for now, let’s enjoy some of the social and news media reactions from the appeal ruling.

An angry Brady won’t be a fun Brady.

This is how you get a new phone.

If your Internet goes down today, it’s Brady’s fault.

Anyone see Brady at the Apple store ordering his new phone?

Brady’s life really stinks.

Like Jamie Foxx says “blame it on the alcohol.”

At least your fantasy team isn’t completely ruined.

Andrew Luck is in luck. Ironic how this all started with these two teams.

Still in denial.

How did this get leaked?


Just throw Gronk under the bus..

Someone probably needs to consult with the teen market on this stat.

Tony Romo’s face today when he realizes he won’t have to face Tom Brady in Week 5.

Gisele is left cleaning up her husband’s mess.

We will leave it at that.

Photo: USA Today Sports