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Best Golf Bags of 2023: Every Golfer Covered, No Matter Your Budget

best golf bags

Serious golfers know how much a difference a golf bag can make on the course. Being prepared with the best possible equipment makes a huge difference in the game of golf and the best way to come prepared is to have a golf bag that stores your clubs, personal belongings, and golf accessories. Additionally, your golf bag is a part of your everyday golf gear, so it should be comfortable and reflect your personal style.

We’ve searched the online market for the best golf bags of 2023 that will suit all kinds of golf play and budgets. Check out which one will work best for you.

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What to Look For in a Golf Bag?

Best golf bags 2023 (Credit: unsplash)
Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Golf bags come in a variety of styles that can impact how you carry the bag or even what you carry in the bag. As a result, finding the best golf bags means looking for a strong quality material (whether that be waterproof or not), accessible straps or stands that allow you to carry your bag on the course, and useful compartments for storage. From there, you can customize your golf bag to your personal preferences.

How to Choose the Best Golf Bag?

When looking for a golf bag, there are many factors to consider, but the first and most important being your budget. Golf bags tend to cost anywhere from $100-500 depending on your ideal golf bag features. After you’ve come up with a price point, consider how much storage you want, how you plan to carry your bag, and more.

Storage Capacity

Golf bags can be made with tons of storage whereas other models fall on the slim side with fewer pockets and storage areas. Think about the items you usually bring with you when you play golf and think about how many pockets or compartments you would find useful. For example, in addition to your golf clubs, do you bring a towel, your keys, golf balls, golf tees, gloves, extra clothes, etc? Be sure to factor storage capacity into your pick for the best golf bags.


Depending on the size and material, some golf bags can be heavier than others. If you often walk on the golf course, you may prefer a stand bag that is lightweight as compared to a bulkier cart bag. Also keep in mind where you play golf most often. The weather conditions can vary from course to course, so if you play in hot and humid climates, that could be another reason to consider a lightweight golf bag.

Style and Personalization

Style is a huge part of the game of golf because every golfer has their own personal style and preferences for golf gear. In such a grassy, open area, it can be helpful to stand out with bright colors. However, some golfers prefer subtle golf bags that come in neutral colors. This choice is completely up to you. Personalizing your golf bag can be a fun way to express yourself on the course.

Durability and Waterproof Construction

Your typical golf climate plays a role in the material you choose not only because you don’t want to be warm, but also because it needs to be durable and last in the rain or wind. As a result, consider waterproof golf bag options to ensure you won’t damage the bag if the golfing conditions are not ideal.

Technology Integration

Depending on your budget and personal needs, golf gear manufacturers also make bags with technology such as automated movement, coolers, and speakers for music. This is not necessary, but can be a perk for golfers who are on the course frequently.

Club Dividers

According to the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews, a player can have up to 14 golf clubs in their bag. However, this is absolutely not necessary even if you’re a pro. Most golfers can get by with just a driver, wedge, 5-iron, 7-iron, and putter. Take a look at your golf club collection and be sure to select a golf bag that has enough, or even removable, golf club dividers. This will help you stay organized while playing a round.

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Are you walking, riding in a cart, or both?

best golf bags for walking (credit: unsplash)
Ahmed on Unsplash

If you’re shopping for a new golf bag, you should think about whether you will be walking, driving a golf cart, or a combination of both in your time on the golf course. This will impact what kind of golf bag you purchase because cart bags don’t always work well when walking and vice versa. However, there are bags that give you benefits in both situations, so it’s easy to go back and forth between using a cart and walking.

Cart Bag Versus Stand Bag

A stand bag is a golf bag that you can stand up on the golf course while you position your next shot. Some cart bags do not have stands, which means you’d have to lay it on the ground while you shoot. This isn’t always proper golf etiquette on the course, so that might encourage you to look for a bag that has legs. Keep in mind that sometimes stand bags are a bit bulky to fit in golf carts, so the best case scenario is to find something in-between the two.

Best Cart Bags

We found three of the best cart bags you can find online to ensure you can fit all your clubs and extra necessities. If you prefer to use golf carts during a round, these bags are designed to fit in the back of the cart and keep you organized. Keep in mind you can convert cart bags into stand bags if they come with retractable legs. However, if they don’t, you may not be able to stand your bag up on the course without a cart.

3. TaylorMade Classic Cart Golf Bag, $179.99


The TaylorMade Classic Cart Golf Bag is a simple golf bag model that is made for carts specifically since it does not have legs to stand up on the course. As a result, it will live in the back of your cart with your personal belongings. This TaylorMade cart bag comes with three personal pockets (two large and one small) and only weighs about seven pounds. It comes with six dividers for your golf clubs, so you can organize it however you like. Overall, it’s an easy choice for female or male cart golfers.

2. Maxfli 2021 Honors+ 14-Way Cart Bag, $199.99 (on sale for $149.98)

Golf Galaxy

Next up, we have the Maxfli 2021 Honors+ 14-Way Cart Bag, which is made for loyal cart golfers. The storage in this cart bag is unbelievable with 14 spots for your golf clubs, two huge garment pockets, and even a cooler area for drinks and food. It has one long single strap so that you can easily carry the bag if needed. Additionally, it comes in 15 colors, so you can select your favorite option whether that be colorful or neutral. This bag is definitely the best storage cart bag on the market.

1. Vessel Lux Cart, $415


Our last cart bag selection is a luxurious cart bag from Vessel. The luxury can be seen from the material of the bag, which is a synthetic leather that pros would envy on tour. It comes in six colors and two top size styles. Depending on how much space you want for your clubs, you can select a 7-way or 14-way divided top for the same cost. Both versions are under seven pounds, so it’s a pretty lightweight bag complete with lots of storage. Even the pockets are next level with magnetic-closures for security and protection of any technology like rangefinders. This is a bag that any cart golfer would appreciate.

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Best Golf Stand Bags

If you prefer to walk a golf course as opposed to riding in a cart, these are the best golf bags that will make your life easier. Stand bags are meant to be carried as you walk and then stood up on the course while you take a shot. These bags can be put in a cart and then taken out onto the green, but the three options we found optimize the design for carrying and walking. Since these bags vary in size and price range, there are tons of options available.

3. Orlimar Pitch ‘n Putt Golf Stand Carry Bag, $46.99


First up, the Orlimar Pitch ‘n Putt Golf Stand Carry Bag is a simple and affordable stand bag that will hold your necessities and keep you light as you walk the course. Since it is so lightweight, it can only hold about six or seven golf clubs and has one personal pocket plus a water bottle holder. This golf bag comes in more than 15 colors, so you can select your favorite on Amazon. It’s one of the best golf bags for beginners or golfers who like to use a select few clubs on the green throughout the day.

2. Frogger Function Stand Golf Bag, $229.99


At a bit of a higher price point, this Frogger Function Stand Golf Bag is ultra lightweight with specially designed shoulder straps to make your experience carrying this bag that much more enjoyable. It is said to feel “weightless” thanks to the two shoulder straps. This backpack-style carry will balance out the weight of your clubs on your back and keep you comfortable all day. Many carry bags only have one strap, so this bag is an automatic upgrade. It comes in five colors and has seven spacious pockets for storage. It’s a great mid-range golf bag for those who enjoy walking.

1. Callaway Golf 2022 Fairway C Hyper Dry Stand Bag, $299.99 (on sale for $229)


Lastly, this Callaway Golf Hyper Dry Stand Bag is a great choice for those who want to walk all 18 holes. Only weighing four pounds, this bag allows you to carry a lot with you on the course. It’s made with a durable, waterproof fabric and comes in five colors. Depending on your preference, this golf bag has single or double strap options for carrying.

Stand Bag Versus Sunday Bag

If you’re wondering what a “Sunday bag” is, you’re not alone. This is a fairly new concept in golf gear in which the manufacturers have made smaller, more lightweight bags. As a result, some stand bags may be bulkier or more heavy duty than Sunday bags. However, these two items can be quite similar depending on the model.

There is also a Sunday Golf brand, which makes Sunday bags. However, not all Sunday bags are made by Sunday Golf. The name represents a certain style that can be useful for golfers who prefer to walk their course.

Best Sunday Bag for Golf?

Speaking of lightweight Sunday bags, here are the top three options we found for the best Sunday bags online. These keep you feeling light on the course, but also in your mind because this style tends to be more affordable. All of the following options are under $130.

3. Founders Club Sunday Golf Bag, $129 (on sale for $79)


The Founders Club Sunday Golf Bag is currently on sale on Amazon for an excellent price. This bag comes in five colors and represents the Sunday bag style with a starting weight at only 3.4 pounds. It is a minimalist golf bag, but surprisingly comes with a few pockets for storage and even a rain hood for poor weather conditions. You’ll be able to fit up to eight golf clubs and can easily stand it up, so you’ll feel incredibly free on the course.

2. Titleist Carry Bag, $125


Next up from a premiere golf gear brand, the Titleist Carry Bag is another simple Sunday bag option. It has one long compartment for clothes or extra gear and then an additional three pockets for golf tees, gloves, etc. This Titleist bag is meant for carrying as it only weighs about two pounds, making the entire design super light and yet purposeful. Also, the cost is reasonable at under $130.

1. Sunday Golf Loma Bag, $129.99


As we mentioned, Sunday Golf tends to sell Sunday golf bags even though they are not the only manufacturer to do so. This Sunday Golf Loma Bag is the epitome of Sunday bags and extremely popular online. At exactly $130, you can get a two pound lightweight bag with six pockets and a cooler pouch. Somehow, this bag has tons of add-ons without contributing to the overall weight. Plus, it has retractable legs should you want to stand it up on the course.

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Best Waterproof Golf Bags

After you’ve been golfing in the rain, you know how important waterproof gear is. On a golf course, there is absolutely no cover unless you should find the dry spot under a large tree. As a result, waterproof jackets, shoes, and especially golf bags become a must-have. This material does tend to be a bit more heavy duty and therefore, expensive. But, if you are used to golfing in a variety of weather conditions, it’s worth the investment.

3. Big Max Dri Lite Hybrid Plus Golf Bag, $219


Our first pick for the best golf bags in wet conditions is the Big Max Dri Lite Hybrid Plus Golf Bag. As the title suggests, this golf bag is made to dry easily with nylon as its main component. It will keep your gear, clubs, and personal belongings safe from water damage. While it may be slightly heavier than a Sunday bag, it still weighs in under five pounds when empty. This plus the stand option makes this bag a no brainer for those who live in wet climates.

2. Sun Mountain 2022 H2NO Lite Speed Stand Bag, $319.99 (on sale for $174.99)

Sun Mountain

One of the best brands for waterproof golf gear is Sun Mountain, so our next pick is the Sun Mountain H2NO Lite Speed Stand Bag. The story behind this bag is actually a golfer who played in tons of rain in 2007 and therefore, felt the need to invent the best waterproof golf bag on the market. The H2NO model will keep your belongings dry and even prevent rain from getting in the small nooks of the bag with special zippers and a hood cover. It comes in three colors and also weighs less than five pounds.

1. Titleist Players 4 Plus StaDry Golf Bag, $335


While this next bag costs a premium, it comes from one of the most premium golf brands, Titleist, which many golfers will appreciate. The Titleist Players 4 Plus StaDry Golf Bag comes with four club dividers, double strap for carrying, retractable legs, and eight pockets. You will not be missing anything if you choose this bag. It’s waterproofing is top-notch with special zipper pockets and you can select from five colors on Amazon.

Are Waterproof Golf Bags Worth It?

Depending on the material, waterproof golf bags can definitely be worth it. Even if it’s not raining, waterproof materials are more durable and long-lasting, so it’s a better investment for golfers who see themselves sticking with a bag for a few years. If you’re new to the game or are a seasonal golfer, you might not feel the need to invest in this kind of bag, which is totally fine.

Nylon, pleather, or waxed materials are the best options for waterproofing. All of the bags we’ve recommended above are made with nylon, so they are guaranteed to be of good quality. If you live in a more humid or damp climate, these are some of the best golf bags you can purchase online.

Best Travel Golf Bags

If you golf for work or travel a lot, finding the best travel golf bags can be a bit of struggle. However, we found three options that cost anywhere from $46-160. Depending on your clubs, you can find an option that goes on top of your suitcase or one that rolls on its own.

3. MyTag Expandable Golf Club Carry Bag, $46.88


Our first choice is perfect for people that fly a lot and want to travel with their clubs. This incredibly affordable option from Amazon is the MyTag Expandable Golf Club Carry Bag. It can carry up to 14 clubs with three dividers and also has two extra pockets for your golf accessories. There are two carrying strap options, but the main perk of this bag is the trolley sleeve that easily rests your clubs on top of a rolling suitcase to create a more enjoyable travel experience.

2. Himal Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag, $56.99


Another one of the best travel golf bags is the Himal Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag, which is still an affordable choice, but a bit more heavy duty. The thick polyester material used to make this bag is guaranteed to protect your golf clubs during travel whether you pack them in the car or check them on a plane. It’s like a golf suitcase because you zip everything up and roll it on wheels. This can be helpful if you think carrying your clubs will be too heavy and bulky. Amazingly, this bag’s starting weight is under five pounds, so you can fully stuff it with your gear.

1. TourTrek TC PRO Travel Cover, $159.99 (on sale for $139.98)

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Lastly, this TourTrek TC PRO Travel Cover, which is currently on sale, can provide the perfect travel option for anyone who wants to put their current golf bag in a protective cover on trips. It can fit either cart or stand bags and has additional pockets for your golf shoes and accessories. You could potentially only travel with this and a small duffle for golf trips. Not only can it serve as an organizer, suitcase, and golf bag holder, but it will protect your clubs thanks to 360 degree padding on the inside.

How Do Pro Golfers Set Up Their Golf Bag?

Setting up a golf bag has to do with practicality and personal preference. When it comes to what the pros do, most of them follow a certain order for where to place their clubs in the top. Other than that, it can be personal to each golfer because most of them have caddies that assist them with additional gear.

In terms of golf clubs, it is traditional to place your driver and other larger clubs in the top spots depending on how many dividers you have. These clubs should have covers on them to prevent them from scratching the other heads. As we mentioned before, tour players can have up to 14 clubs in their bag, so they tend to have bags with 14 spots divided up. In that case, pay attention to how large each slot is and that should give you an idea of where certain clubs belong.

Lastly, golf tees and golf balls should be easily accessible, which plays into the practicality of setting up your golf bag. Pros always have these key pieces of equipment in a pocket that faces outwards whether that be in a cart or standing on the fairway. This way, you can open the pocket from wherever you are and do not have to fuss with your golf bag too much.

Outside of these factors, you may get a better sense of how to organize your golf bag by being out on the course. Since pro golfers play so often, they set up their bags in a way that makes sense based on what they may need to reach for and when. The only way to emulate that is by trying it out for yourself.

If you’re on the hunt for the best golf bags, be sure to check out our top choices from Amazon Prime, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and various premium golf brands. Regardless of your budget, you can absolutely find a new bag that has the right storage, materials, and features for your golf game. In our experience, investing in a bag can last you years as long as you pick something that coincides with your style and walking or cart preference. Keep in mind that a golf bag is protecting your most valuable assets in the game: your golf balls and clubs.

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