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Best Golf Grips in 2023 That Will Improve Your Game

best golf grips

Everyone talks about the importance of picking the right golf clubs, but you rarely hear about golf grips and how much they can improve your golf game. That’s probably because when you buy a set of golf clubs, they already come with a set of grips, so you think you’re all set to play your next round. However, the grips that come with your clubs might not necessarily be the best fit.

Depending on your clubs, you need to find the proper grip size, thickness, material, and more. Once you do so, you’ll see your swing will feel more secure and you won’t believe what you’ve been missing. Check out the best golf grips that you can find this year that are guaranteed to help out your swing.

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Why Are Golf Grips Important?

Grips are key to the game of golf because they directly impact your swing and therefore, your performance on the course. The same goes for your putter. Without a strong and stable grip, you might miss key shots on the putting green.

While golf clubs and golf balls matter, the golf grip is the part of the club that you use hands-on. The name “grip” tells us that it helps us grip onto the metal club, which is how the technology originally started. Grips can give you a ton of control, stability, and power when fitted properly. As a result, you should look into the best golf grips on our list to make sure you’re not missing out on extra distance.

Weather Conditions and Climate

Another reason why you should pay attention to golf grips is the weather. Since golf is an outdoor sport that can be played in all kinds of conditions, your golf grip can’t get slippery in the rain, snow, or sweat from the hot sun. If it does, then you’ll lose the tension in your grip and see the deviation from your steady shot. Golf grips are there to provide traction for your hands so that you are able to properly swing your club in any kind of weather.

What to Look for in Golf Grips?

best golf grips in 2023
Courtney Cook on Unsplash

We’ve narrowed down the key features to look for in golf grips to grip size, thickness, material, and feel. Once you find the right grip, you can personalize it with your favorite colors and style.

Grip Size

It is super important to get your grip size measured by a professional or consult in-depth measuring guides. This will ensure you are customizing your golf clubs and grip to your specifications. Did you know that if your grip size is too big, you may not hold the club properly and sacrifice potential speed and distance in your shots?  The same is true for grips that are too small; Your hands won’t be able to adjust from their position, which can lead to a tense grip and inconsistent shots. As a result, it’s important to select the grip size that fits your hands.


Thickness in a golf grip has more to do with personal preference and experience than grip size. Whether you like a thick grip versus a thin one doesn’t technically matter, but it is said that more experienced golfers can control thin grips with a harder feel. Beginners may have trouble getting shots steady and straight with thin grips. If you’re a beginner, you should opt for a thicker, softer grip to start. Otherwise, we recommend you try out a few shots with each kind of grip before making your decision.


Regardless of your grip size or thickness, the material that makes up the best golf grips is almost always sticky. This is a feature that you should look for when shopping for new grips. The tacky feel of a club grip will make you feel in control of each golf swing. Plus, this prevents the grip from becoming ineffective if the area becomes moist from sweat or rain.

Grips can come in leather, rubber, cord, and more. The key here is to pick a material that will allow you to keep your grip consistent on the course. I’d recommend something in the rubber family for an extra grippy feel.

Soft Feel Versus Hard Feel?

Soft-feel golf grips are designed with cushion making the grip thicker. They also tend to be stickier since there is more material involved. As a result, soft grips are known to be comfortable and easy to use. The extra cushion requires golfers to squeeze a bit harder on the club, but it also absorbs some of the shock that comes when a club strikes a golf ball.

On the other hand, hard-feel golf grips are stiff, which can be helpful for experienced golfers who hit the ball like the pros. Tour golfers sometimes prefer hard grips because they do not have to squeeze on the club as hard as they would with a soft grip. As a result, they can have relaxed hands and hit the ball harder and faster.

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How Do You Fit Golf Grips?

How to measure golf grips and fit to your club
Credit: Sportsnaut

In order to properly re-grip your golf clubs whether they are new or you are replacing a worn grip, you have to first measure your size properly. I like the diagram above as an example. You should measure from your longest fingertip to your wrist crease and then also from your longest fingertip to the base of your fingers. Then, you can see which size golf grips align with your hand measurements. Most of these charts are done in inches.

When you’re ready to fit the right size grip onto the club, you will first put tape down on your bare metal club. You should use tape the same length so that your grip and tape align on the club. After you apply the grip tape by wrapping it around your club a few times, you can then place your new grip on top by sliding it over the butt and down the club shaft.

Best Soft Feel Golf Grips

Without further ado, check out the best golf grips we found that have a soft feel perfect for beginners or golfers looking for that extra comfort.

3. SuperStroke Cross Comfort Golf Club Grip, $5.99

SuperStroke is a trusted brand name for golf grips and this Cross Comfort model is exactly what you’d expect from a soft, comfortable grip. Made from rubber, it is covered in an X-style design for traction and a non-slip feel. Plus, there is a multi-layer cushion to keep your hands feeling light throughout your 18 holes. This grip will not only feel soft to hold, but it is also known for its tacky feel, which is perfect for any and all golfing conditions. More than 70% of customers gave this grip five stars in their reviews.

2. Golf Pride CP2 Wrap Grip, $9.99

Next up, we have a soft-feel grip from Golf Pride. The CP2 Wrap Grip is available in four sizes and comes with a 2.5-inch inner core for stability and extra cushion. It is marketed as a product for golfers who prefer a soft feel, but it does not necessarily need to fit beginners. The core is also meant to control your grip without too much tension, so experienced players can feel supported by the swing this grip provides. With over 1,000 five-star reviews, it is a clear favorite from Golf Pride.

1. JumboMax JMX UltraLite Swing Grip, $16.99

The JumboMax JMX UltraLite Swing Grip is 20-25% lighter than standard grips on the market, which is how it got the name “UltraLite.” It is undoubtedly one of the best golf grips for soft feel because of the extra jumbo cushion underneath the grip and 4.8 rating online. There is also a Tri-Texture design in order to keep this golf grip sticky for all-weather play. With five different grip size options, you can try out this design on Golf Galaxy.

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Best Hard Feel Golf Grips

If you’re a more experienced golfer and want to improve your fast, controlled swing, these hard-feel golf grips will be the best selection for you.

3. SuperStroke S-Tech Rubber Golf Club Grip, $6.99

SuperStroke makes the S-Tech Rubber Golf Club Grip, which we found at a great price point from Amazon. As you can see from the image, this golf grip is thin and simple, which is how it derives its power. It’s made from a couple types of rubber and has a crisscross design for grip support. Even so, this grip remains thin for experienced golfers seeking control. This is definitely one of the best golf grips that will help you shoot further next time you play. Based on customer reviews, this grip has 68% of five-star reviews.

2. Lamkin Sonar+ Grip, $9.99

Lamkin is known for their golf grips, so this Sonar+ model is the best hard-feel option. Based on the technology this grip offers, it’s amazing how inexpensive it is. Specifically, it is made with fingerprint technology, hybrid rubber materials, and micro-texture imprints. All of these features make this grip functional in any kind of weather and keep your grip sturdy for reliable shots every time. Nearly all the online reviews give this grip five stars, which is a clear indication of the Lamkin quality.

1. Golf Pride New Decade MultiCompound Plus 4 Grip, $11.99

If you’re looking for a high-quality hard-feel grip, the Golf Pride New Decade MultiCompound Plus 4 is an excellent choice and comes in four sizes. Golf Pride has improved their technology and design to create a grip that will not lose any traction regardless of the weather, your glove hand, or swing speed. It’s made of a cotton cord and rubber material, which puts your glove and non-glove hands in the proper positions without risk of slipping. Experienced golfers will appreciate this grip’s premium feel, so be sure to read more about it and its five-star reviews on Golf Galaxy.

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Best Budget Golf Grips

Regardless of your budget, there are excellent golf grips out there for you to choose from. Luckily, grips are fairly inexpensive as is, so you can factor that into your cost of playing each year.

3. SuperStroke Soft Wrap TC Grip, $4.99

The SuperStroke Soft Wrap TC grip is one of the cheapest options on the market. However, this does not mean that this golf grip won’t improve your game on the course. It is made with rubber and “ControlTac” technology, so it will keep your grip strong and sticky similar to the other options on our round up. It only comes in two colors and two sizes (standard and midsize), so this price point may limit your options in regards to those features. Overall, though, this golf grip is worth it because you can replace old grips and improve your shot without breaking the bank.

2. Lamkin Crossline Grip, $5.99

A simple and budget-friendly choice from Lamkin is the Crossline Grip. The key feature of this grip is its traction technology, which will improve your swing to be more steady and comfortable. It’s available in a couple of colors and three grip sizes. This is a good place to start if you’re not sure what kind of grip you’re looking for just yet. We can guarantee this grip will have better results on the course as opposed to using old club grips, so it’s worth the small investment in your game.

1. Golf Pride Tour Velvet Grip, $6.99

Lastly, from Golf Pride, this Tour Velvet Grip has a more luxurious feel than the previous two selections without costing as much as a premium grip. The velvet material adds a layer of comfort to your hands, but it isn’t slippery like you might think. The Tour Velvet Grip design prevents slipping without any sort of uncomfortable stickiness. Tour golfers are said to prefer this fabric, which goes to show that the best golf grips don’t need to be expensive or complex. Check out the four available grip sizes and 500+ five-star ratings on Golf Galaxy.

What Is the Best Brand of Golf Grips?

Brand favorites are always subjective, but our round up includes three top golf grip brands: SuperStroke, Golf Pride, and Lamkin. Based on reviews, product choices, and popularity, Golf Pride is the most popular and therefore, the best brand of golf grips. Not only do beginners love their soft-feel options, but many pros use Golf Pride grips on tour. They offer dozens of swinging as well as putting grips online, so you can definitely find a grip from their catalog that suits your golfing experience, style, and budget.

How Often Should You Change Your Golf Grips?

It’s not always necessary, but a best practice is to re-grip your golf clubs every season. For most, the golf season begins in the spring, so that can be your reminder to change them out each year. This frequency is encouraged if you use your clubs often (around 40 rounds per season) because the fresh grip will start to break down. As a result, you won’t be getting the same helpful technology that you need to take your best shot.

If you don’t golf more than 10-20 rounds in a season, you probably don’t need to change your grips this often. Every two years would be a better metric for you.

How Do You Know When Golf Grips Are Worn?

The best way to tell if your golf grip is too far gone is if the grip doesn’t feel sticky or firm anymore. If pieces of it begin to fade, fall off, or dent, that’s a good sign to replace worn grips. The color fading probably means your grips have been out in the hot sun for one too many rounds. Between the sweat, oil, and dirt from your hands, even the best golf grips will start to degrade over time. When you add in the weather as another factor, it’s definitely worth looking into replacement grips.

How to Care for Your Golf Grips

Courtney Cook on Unsplash

The best way to care for your golf grips is to not expose them to the elements too often. Try to keep your clubs in your golf bag when on the course or in a golf cart. This keeps both the heads and grips protected, especially if the weather is damp and chilly or super sunny (extremes are not your friend). When you’re not playing on the course, keep them stored in a cool and dry place in your home. This will preserve them for longer.

If you need to clean your golf grips, the best way to do so is with a damp rag and some dish soap. Don’t use too much water because that could damage the grip material. Use just enough water to get the soap scrubbing and then let your grips dry overnight.

What Grip Does Tiger Woods Use?

Tiger Woods is known to use the Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord grip on his clubs, which happens to be the number one grip on tour. Like other velvet grips from Golf Pride, this grip is made with hybrid cotton cord materials and performs well in all conditions while still maintaining a comfortable feel. It is not a surprise that this grip has a hard feel since Woods is an expert on the course looking for power. As a result, it may not be the best option for golfers with a high handicap.

On the other hand, most recently, Woods was seen using the Ping PP58 grip on his putter because of its large size and sturdy shot. He relies on the combination of the two grips on the course to play his best.

What Grip Does Rory McIlroy Use?

Rory McIlroy uses Golf Pride’s MCC golf grip, which is another incredibly popular club grip on tour. It uses a hybrid of rubber and cord materials, so it is firm and super powerful on the course. Once again, this golf grip is probably best for experienced and pro golfers given its thin design.

For his putter, McIlroy uses the SuperStroke Traxion Pistol GT Putter grip. This grip is meant to steady the top hand position, so that each stroke feels consistent when putting. Like Tiger, he also selects grip brands and styles so that his clubs and putter are not using the same technology.

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Overall, finding the best golf grips can be challenging if you don’t know what to look for. However, once you break down the process into finding the right grip size, thickness, material, and feel, you’ll be able to find the design that works for you. Keep in mind that comfort is important, but your grip is there to keep your swing even and that means the grips should have traction as you move. Before you know it, you’ll see how changing or replacing your golf grips can improve your golf swing in no time.

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