Bengals rookie HC Zac Taylor repeatedly refuses to comment on Patriots videotaping incident

Bill Belichick
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Cincinnati Bengals rookie head coach Zac Taylor repeatedly refused to answer questions Thursday about the New England Patriots videotaping incident.

Per NBC Sports Boston, Taylor was asked to share any “general thoughts” on the incident, asked about a report that he was “livid” over the incident, asked if he believed the Patriots’ explanation, and was asked if anyone from New England’s organization called about the incident.

To all of these questions, Taylor answered with “no comment.”

It would be easy to understand if Taylor was upset about the Patriots’ videotaping incident.

A three-person film crew was in a booth filming Cincinnati’s sideline for a full quarter Sunday when it was approached about it. Reportedly, the videographer, hired by Robert Kraft (reportedly to film for an episode of “Do Your Job”) wanted to just erase the footage instead of having the league get its hands on it.

The Patriots have admitted the film crew took “inappropriate” video that violated the NFL’s rules, but the team also fervently denied having any intent of using the video for football reasons.

Cincinnati is hosting New England Sunday afternoon. The game is scheduled to kick off at 1 p.m. ET.